CEO Sharon Evans

CEO Sharon Evans

Sharon C. Evans, CEO & Management Consultant

Sharon C. Evans, acts as the CEO and principal at Firefli Consulting Inc.  She currently acts as a management consultant performing business development and Business Analyst coaching activities.

Sharon has spent considerable time in Strategic Planning activities, including IT Strategic Planning and Business Development projects.

From time to time, Firefli employs associates, when a client requires collaboration from multiple experts or there are elite specialized skills found with associates.

During tenure with Indicom (Now Sierra Systems Group), Sharon Evans consulted and spent considerable time working and mentoring and developing Personal Development services as well as education training modules.  She continued this work in building an extensive training and personal curricula for Firefli, and extended this into multiple coaching programs.

Sharon Evans, Business Coach

talenttoday-webSharon C. Evans formerly coached clients and presented with EA Directions as their Canadian Enterprise Architect partner, and consulted as an Enterprise Architect and IT Strategist with INSI Strategic Technologies until it was bought by Sierra Systems Group.  Prior to working at INSI,  Sharon Evans worked as an Enterprise Architect, Talentoday-Certified-CounselorSystems Architect, IT Strategic, Account Manager and Project Manager with Indicom Technologies until they were bought by INSI.

She has been certified as a business growth coach, a productivity coach, and in 2015, the first Talentoday career counselor in Canada.  In 2015, Sharon became the first certified Talentoday Career Counselor in Canada.

Author of first career guide and Enterprise Architecture Coaching Book

2009, Sharon Evans researched and documented her experience in working with over one hundred companies as an employee, consultant, coach and trainer, which culminated into her book Zoom Factor for the Enterprise Architect:  How to Focus and Accelerate Your Career.  This book is the first IT Architect career training guide to be written, according to extensive research prior to writing the book.

Member – Expert Industry Association – 2010

expert-industry-associationIn 2010, Sharon was invited after a meeting with Brendon Burchard, to attend an inaugural meeting of international “experts” and form the Expert Industry Association. She met Brendon in 2010 at a VIP session of another conference, and they sat for 90 minutes discussing publishing their books.The same conference was attended by The Dalai Lama and Brendon Burchard, so I was in good company :)

Sharon & Brendan Burchard

Sharon Evans – Member of Expert Industry Association

Brendon has gone on to bigger and better things. Within the last year, he announced in our private Facebook group that he was disbanding the group. Bigger things came calling – Oprah Winfrey!

Sharon Evans and Brendon Burchard Autograph at firfli

Sharon gets Brendon to autograph her copy of “The Charge

He is probably the best coach that I have ever had, and now the world gets to enjoy him.  The book, The Charge and Motivation Manifesto have propelled him into his destiny. I helped on the pre-launches of his best sellers, but needed to get an autograph on my copy of “The Charge”

Darren Hardy and Sharon Evans at Expert Industry Association inaugural meeting

Darren Hardy and Sharon Evans at Expert Industry Association inaugural meeting

Sharon: Others I met at this group meeting were Darren Hardy just to name a few. They’ve all one to great things, and when you hear a knock at the door, you’ve gotta answer!

Sharon and Motivation Manifesto

Sharon Gets Early copy of Motivation Manifesto

We helped Brendon get to number one best seller a few times with the pre-launch strategy all of the best sellers seem to be using now.

Sharon Evans partners with Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols and Sharon C Evans

Lisa Nichols and Sharon C Evans

Late in 2010, Sharon received an invitation to co-author Unbreakable Spirit, and joined her in this group event. Sharon enjoyed top billing of the Google Post for this Best-Seller for 3 months, on page 1. Internet Marketing training and social media media training helps!

Sharon Evans – Internet Marketing Training

In 2004, Sharon began education in the field of eCommerce and internet marketing, which was accumulated into more than 5,000 hours of education to date.  She began working with the early versions of social media back in 1999 by way of forums, newsgroups and community sites, and today spends considerable time in helping small and medium sized businesses with business development and growth via Social Media and the addition of Digital Media to grow and brand their online presence.n 2003, the first Architect Boot Camp course was offered, and a supplementary extended training site created.  This was also the first of it’s kind, and the first course to be labelled “Architect Boot Camp” of it’s kind.

Firefli Today

As business changes, and Firefli evolves, I thought it important to create a separate blog to track my various business adventures and to keep some of my training, author and speaking events in a central place. If you want to know more about Sharon Evans, you can visit her author’s, speakers & international global business coach blog site.

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