Our Philosophy

We use a comprehensive and objective decision making process to provide a disciplined approach to help our clients make more informed decisions. We excel at determining and examining peripheral concerns that you should have.

On our Enterprise Architecture engagements, we utilize our knowledge and experience in designing customized compact and abbreviated frameworks, as well as our systematic analytic skills to highlight the gaps and help you to construct a implementation road-map. We are technology neutral, so we can help you to see clearly through to the best solutions for your organization.

We use a “rational” approach to right-sized System Architecture, meaning we implement architectures at detail levels appropriate for your budget and technology. We strongly believe that one size does not fit all, and that processes and methodologies were meant to be used and tailored in an a la crate method.

On our Information Architecture engagements, we utilize best of breed design techniques, as well as an Enterprise Architecture view of the organization.  Our technical skills in this area are deep, and our vast experiences in both database design, and database infrastructure and process can quickly assist you succeed in your project goals.

Overall, we eliminate technology biases, organizational prejudice and other internal background noise in the time staking process of making decisions and creating architectures and helping you to create your Architecture programs and solutions.

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