Sharon Evans with Lisa Nichols

Sharon Evans with Lisa Nichols

A friend asked me this week if I knew Lisa Nichols.  The reason?  She was taking some training from her and wondered if I knew her. Her name sounded familiar to her so when I said yes, she started tell me all about her.  She mentioned that she had been in the movie “The Secret” and had also taught some training for independent business women.

When she told me all about her, I mentioned a few things….  Lisa and I co-authored a book, with several other very powerful women.  She learned this book co-authoring method from Jack Canfield and Mark Victor-Hansen as they were her mentors and co-authored two Chicken Soup for the Soul Books.  She asked me if I was making a lot of money from the book we wrote together and then I divulged that business model.  The authors that partnered with Lisa didn’t get a dime, except on copies that they pre-ordered and sold on their own.

Sharon Evans with Lisa Nichols

Now – Amazon and Lisa make money from the book.  Our benefit was purely going through the experience and allowing us to share the honor of saying we were “co-authors”.  She promised that we would be best-selling authors if we accepted her offer to share our stories, and we were.  Approximately 8 hours after the release on Amazon, yes, we were Best Selling Authors.

How did we do it?  well – it was orchestrated far before the book had even a title.  We didn’t really know the theme of the book before accepting the project, and I really did think this was going to be a business book, as Lisa promised how this would help my business and promote business growth.

The book is anything but a business book, but it does have a few stories within about how people overcame their challenges and some shared business stories.  That really did include myself and a few other entrepreneurs.  We all participated in a social media blitz, and the biggest benefit of all were those lessons.  I was already familiar with social media, so I took extra steps over above and beyond what Lisa’s partner coached us through in a couple of short conference calls.


What did I do extra?  I added SEO to my personal blog site, and wrote a few articles and placed some strategic posts in social media.  I created a social media page for MY version of the book, with MY personalized cover.  Anyone who wanted their name in print had to pony up a couple of extra thousand dollars for printing with the warning that this was a one time shot- and no re-orders would be offered.

I took that offer as I knew this would be my only real opportunity to have my personalized marketing piece.  I didn’t get the allotment of books I was offered on the original deal, nor any mention but I did get this:

  • I owned top billing on Google for 3 months following best-selling date on Amazon
  • I now owned intellectual capital on how to create a best selling book on Amazon
  • I added a new service to my business coaching menu that includes writing Strategic Book Marketing Plans for Best Selling Books (soon to add NYTimes Best Seller to my project list – crossing fingers), using new media tools as well as traditional modes
  • I know how to craft an online author platform that generates revenue for coaching, consulting as well as book sales (read extra streams of income for the author)

I won’t get rich on what I did with Amazon – I am pretty sure that the percentage of anyone who sees more than a small monthly income stream from Amazon is very, very small.

The lessons of creating Lisa Nichols with Sharon Evans?  Priceless.


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Firefli Announces our newest small business offering. Our clients ask for it, and now it’s your turn to get it.  Since Firefli’s inception, our focus has been technology with clarity and creating solutions that were as simple as possible, but a right fit to our client’s needs.

Lately, our small and medium size business clients have been asking a lot of the same questions, and now we’ve wrapped it all up and are ready to present it in a nice compact package.  Yes, you asked for that too.

“Tell me what I need to do to get out of this email hell”, said one client.
“Which social media tool should I focus on?  I don’t have time to spent all day on these sites.  Which ones will give me the most value?” they usually want to know.
“Which hosting company should I use, and how can I get them to install my web page?  Which website software should I use?”


So many questions, and now in four short hours, you can learn what you need to know without a techie to decode the jargon.  Join us June 23rd and see why this will be the most valuable morning you’ve spent on your business in 2010!

See our full page description for more details.

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Firefli Media Update

Firefli Media Update

Firefli is excited to announce the launch our new information publishing arm —Firefli Media—. Even though we’ve been producing media products for several years, Firefli Media was officially established in April of 2009. Firefli Media provides published books, eBooks, audio and video training products, training seminars, as well as a variety of other digital hard goods and downloadable products.

The full Firefli Media store will be soon be launched, providing a catalogue of all of our products in a variety of interest categories. A  For a complete list of products and access, visit our media site.

Enterprise Architecture coaching services and IT Architecture Coaching Services are found at The Architect Coach. A  Be sure to visit and take advantage of the complimentary consultation.

IT Architecture Education

Enterprise Architecture education, IT Architecture education, Business Architecture training and Technical Architecture training can be found at The Architect Boot Camp. A  Be sure to visit and gain access to lots of information, enterprise architecture articles and general IT Architecture information.

Whether you are looking for Enterprise Architecture coaching or IT Architect training brought to you by telephone and the web, or if you are looking for Enterprise Architecture training in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, you’ve found the right place. A  You can also bring training services right to your own location, by contacting us.

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