At Firefli Consulting, we pride ourselves in being able to help you advance your IT Architecture programs, especially the ones that will impact your business in the most positive way.  We can help your Enterprise Architecture Team create your EA vision, develop their EA program, or get IT Architecture established as a practice in your company.

We are technology neutral – we have no “one-size” fits all mentality, and use our customer experience with over 200 companies to draw upon the best fit approaches for your company.

We realize you and your staff know your business and systems better than anyone.  Our main objective is to help you get IT Architecture established and moving forward in your organization to give you the greatest benefit.  We will work with your staff to help them with tough architectural decisions.  Along the way we can also help mentor your team, both with our education programs, or in small teams on architecture initiatives within your organization.

We also can help you get your Architecture programs back on track if focus has become blurred. We have various “most requested services”, but are able to customize a solution that best fits your needs.

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