Enterprise Architecture Consulting has been the majority of what we’ve since 1998. We’ve acted as business architects and solution architects on many occasions, and have also been a coach in conjunction with our consulting engagements. Many times, we have just acted as the lead consultant and performed the enterprise architecture function for a CIO or CEO.

What is Enterprise Architecture?  Think of your business.  It should have created a strategy for business growth and sometimes just for startup or survival.

Next comes an IT Strategy – this should be created in order to support and serve the business in it’s business strategy – get the business goals into reality.  The IT function is a support function unless of course you have an innovation company.  Then the IT Strategy is a big part of your business strategy.

Finally – we have the Enterprise Archtiecture – what can be done in order to design and structure the best strategy for proceeding with the IT and Business Strategies.  These are intermingled, and some companies don’t have resources to perform this function — this is where we come into play.

Not sure about this step?  Contact us for a no obligation discussion.  Then you’ll know for sure!

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