Sharon Evans, has provided keynote & plenary speeches on the following topics:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IT Architecture Career Excellence
  • Soft Skills for the IT Professional
  • Productivity
  • Business Architecture
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership

Recent Keynotes

  • “Seven Obstacles All Enterprise Architects Face – What you need to know to stop them from impeding your Greatness”
  • “Gaining Architecture Altitude – Accelerating Your Enterprise Architecture Career”
  • “Zoom Factor for the Enterprise Architect – How to Focus and Accelerate Your Career”
  • “Good to Great Paving the Road to Excellence for the Enterprise Architect”
  • “Mining for Architect Skills – Excavate & Cultivate to Build Your Dream Team”
  • “Enterprise Architecture – What Have You Done for Me Lately” (EA Maturity)
  • “Architecture Metrics:  Manage What Matters”
  • “Early Wins in Enterprise Architecture – Win Often, Win Early”
  • “The Evolving Enterprise Architecture”
  • “Enterprise Architecture: Future Trends in Technology”


  • “Get M.O.R.E – How to Find More Time for What You Want
  • Putting the Cloud to Work for Entrepreneurs – How to Find Solutions on the Internet that save you Time & Money”
  • Boost Your Business by Building Your Social Media Plan – How to Intentionally Create the Results that You Want”
  • “Social Media with a Purpose:  Make a Good Friend Today
  • “Open Source and Your IT Portfolio”
  • “Online Strategies for Offline Businesses”
  • “Architectural Decision Making: Your Options are Your Keys”
  • “IT Governance & Decision Making Magic”
  • “Soft Skills for IT Professionals”
  • “High Impact Presentations for IT Professionals”
  • Data Quality: “It’s The Quality that Counts”
  • Portfolio Management:  “Optimizing the Project Portfolio”

For more on Sharon Evans and her speaking connections – see her speaker, author, coaching site.


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