Firefli News and a Happy New Year for 2012!

Firefli News and a Happy New Year for 2012!

Just wanted to wish my visitors a Happy 2012!  I’ve got several BHAG’s in store for 2012, and hope you have planned some big goals too.  If not, why not check out my blog post at my author site and set how you can get that done in an hour.

Group Coaching, as well as three new EA courses are on the slate for 2012, and I’ll be publishing news about them more frequently.  I’ve also purchased and am in the process of implementing a new automated system for keeping in better contact with those who are interested in my news, products and services.  I can hardly wait until that is all in place!

Productivity Coaching Association

The Productivity Coaching Association (IAPC) is now technically defunct, as Dave Crenshaw has decided to pursue other initiatives.  I’ve spoken to other coaches that were part of the association, and all of us are still offering our services, just in a slightly different package.  More news to follow.

I’ve got a second book published now, as a co-author with Lisa Nichols, entitled “Unbreakable Spirit“.  I am now a Best Selling Author 🙂 and the book launch event will be held in Winnipeg January 18th.  You might want to visit my fan page for more details.  Would love to see you there!

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