Engaged Today!

Engaged Today!

No – this isn’t a wedding announcement.  Just back from the Engage Today conference in Calgary Alberta.

The interview of Sir Richard Branson by Eben was amazing.  The biggest takeaway?  Never look back.  Have Fun – Enjoy yourself in your business.  Virgin Unite is Richard’s huge charity initiative and was the primary beneficiary of monies raised at the conference.

Amongst the list of amazing speakers were the Dalai Lama (October 1st 2009 – a day I’ll never forget), Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Stephen Covey, Eben Pagan (Altitude, etc.),Vishen Lakhiani (Mind Valley), Sean Stephenson (Get off your Buts!), Alex Mandossian, Michael Drew, Rick Frishman, Mari Smith, Joe Polish, Garrett Gunderson (Killing Sacret Cows) , Bill Harris (Holosync, The Secret), Tony Hsieh (Zappo’s), Jim Kwik, Marci Shimoff, Lynne Twist, Carol Cone, Barbara De Angelis, and the great artist Wyland.

Engaged Today!

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few people on this list – will have to keep reading through my notes.  Lots of mind mapping to do as the 1″ thick notebook I received was almost full after four days.

Who was the best speaker?  What a question that so many asked.  Who touched me the most might have been a better question.  Some of these speakers were so polished and gave AMAZING presentions.  Michael Drew gave a fascinating presentation titled “The Pendulum” which was an enlightening talk on the business cycles of civic and idealist cultures and their influence by music and alpha voices.

Vishen Lakhiani of Mind Valley and Tony Hsieh gave amazing presentations on the cultures of their companies and incredible enlightenment in the area of today’s youth teams and the power of awesomeness and customer services.

Sean Stephenson gave one of the most powerful and touching on the area of moving around the obstacles in life that hold people back.  I spent some time with Sean, and many of the other speakers and have to say that these people, especially Sean, are truly awesome and authentic.

Sean Stephenson & Sharon C Evans at Engage Today 2009The purpose for my trip?  Looking for clarity and focus on the place I’d like to give back and I’m pretty close to having that figured out.  As I have been so busy with my head down and getting my book done, it was inspiring to meet all of these great authors and see what they’ve done with their lives as connected to charity and giving back.  There is so much to add, so will have to add that to a blog for another day.

bryan adams at Listen Now

Bryan Adams unplugged at the Listen Now event Calgary 2009

Had an amazing time at the concert after Dalai’s big day at the Saddledome.  I was pretty close (6th row I think) and  Bryan Adams and k.d. lang were fabulous at the Listen Now event.  It was such an intimate concert and the sound was just so clear.  Bryan and k.d. sang an encore duet that couldn’t have been more perfect for the event.  It was such an exhausting day, that I fizzled out after about an hour at the private reception held afterwards.

In the meantime – what’s going on with Firefli?  We’ve just launched Firefli Media and will soon have several more sites to add to the family.  Architect Boot Camp has undergone massive change, and it’s still not quite finished but getting closer.  The book is with the editor and sample chapters will soon be going out to esteemed reviewers for their comments.  The interior designer is booked and so publishing (putting ink to paper) will most likely take place in November.  Watch for the advance notifications if you want to get your copy early.

What else?  Boot Camp classes have primarily gone to on demand mode.  Public class calendars will resume in 2010, but watch for more exciting changes in this area for November.  Architect Coaching is still going strong, and the coaching forum is undergoing some changes – stay tuned!

Happy Architecting!


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