Engage Today 2010 Review – Vishen brings Nuggets

Engage Today 2010 Review – Vishen brings Nuggets

I had hoped to post every day to bring you a taste of what I was lucky enough to experience at Engage Today 2010 in early June.  Here is another gold nugget brought to you from my lingering thoughts of Vishen Lakhiani, Mind Valley.

Vishen was a repeat speaker at Engage Today.  While he didn’t deliver another performance, like Bohemian Rapsody that has thrilled YouTube visitors, he did bring solid value in his “Taking Your Business from $100K to $10M in 5 years presentation.  My take aways were many.  His love for personal growth resonated with me, as well as his personal story about how he arrived at that passion.

Intense isn’t a strong enough word for Vishen.  He is very focused in his purpose, and in developing his “theory of awesomeness” at his company.  His biggest message is that one must be happy in the now while holding their vision of the future.  If you can’t have both of those together, success won’t happen.  He calls this “flow” and for those who may not get a handle on that term in his definitive terms, he means “mojo”.

If you aren’t growing, you are doing a disservice to the mission you were set out to fufill.   Other terms he coined were “Blisscipline” where he learned how to keep himself in bliss while he embodied practices in keeping his mind clean and on target to his goals.

A Personal Sighting To Everyone

I’ve probably never listened to a more exciting speaker, and the energy he throws from the stage is worth a personal sighting to everyone serious about getting their business vision to reality.  My favorite part was where he shared his method for keeping his vision in his mind.  Many create vision boards, while he has a vision note book.  He has a method for tracking his current state vision statements as well as his gratitude log which keeps him balanced.

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