Firefli Media Update

Firefli Media Update

Firefli is excited to announce the launch our new information publishing arm —Firefli Media—. Even though we’ve been producing media products for several years, Firefli Media was officially established in April of 2009. Firefli Media provides published books, eBooks, audio and video training products, training seminars, as well as a variety of other digital hard goods and downloadable products.

The full Firefli Media store will be soon be launched, providing a catalogue of all of our products in a variety of interest categories. A  For a complete list of products and access, visit our media site.

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IT Architecture Education

Enterprise Architecture education, IT Architecture education, Business Architecture training and Technical Architecture training can be found at The Architect Boot Camp. A  Be sure to visit and gain access to lots of information, enterprise architecture articles and general IT Architecture information.

Whether you are looking for Enterprise Architecture coaching or IT Architect training brought to you by telephone and the web, or if you are looking for Enterprise Architecture training in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, you’ve found the right place. A  You can also bring training services right to your own location, by contacting us.

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