New Enterprise Architecture Book Released

New Enterprise Architecture Book Released

It’s about time!  At least that’s what I hear.  After nearly two years, the 368 page book I’ve been working on for 15 minutes here, and an hour there has finally been published.  Zoom Factor for the Enterprise Architect:  How to Focus and Accelerate Your Career went to press for it’s pilot edition November 24, 2010.  The first copies were in my hands within the week, thanks to my lightning quick printer/publisher.  I just so happen to find a couple of typos and then the fun began.

If anyone thinks PDF is a simple format to use, you are right as long as you are taking the default version with MS Word.  It took my media company nearly two weeks to get this second one approved and then magically about five boxes of books arrived on my doorstep on Christmas eve.  Ok – so the beautiful silver earrings and the new three wood I received were awesome but, my gift came in these five boxes.

The United States or In Britain

If you want more info on the book, check out the site for download of sample chapters, news and some video on the book.  You can purchase it there (your copy will be signed, delivered and all taxes in) or you can get it on Amazon, in Canada, The United States or in Britain.  I believe it’s available in Australia too.

As for this site – it’s been quiet but it hasn’t been because Firefli hasn’t been busy – the book has been consuming, along with juggling clients and a family.  There are more books on the way, but they’ll be exposed on my new personal blog – due out before the end of January.  Until then, the personal commentary by Sharon C. Evans, owner of Firefli will continue here.

Happy Architecting and a Happy New Year


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