Your Strategic Planning

Your Strategic Planning

For any business to be successful, the CEO’s and business executives must or should start with a strategic plan. I recently attended a speech put on by Toni Newman by our Local CAPS chapter meeting (she is our National President) and I received a couple of reminders at her “Survival of the Fittest” talk where she reminded us that we need to be original and be sure to have solid, good signature keynote speech.

Your Strategic Planning

First of all it reminded me to really take a look at what I am doing. The strategic plan for my business hasn’t been touched for a while. Even if I am to perform as a great local Winnipeg Management Consultant, strategic plans should be my bread and butter and even if I choose to avoid gluten, I should eat my own bread. Most of my consulting has been done after I’d experienced a plane ride or two, or the phone, but my own personal strategic planning must be done, and refreshed at least every year.  I was focused more on the products and services that I offered.

I have spent a good time in my business consulting with large companies, and helping them to create IT Strategic Plans, or at least focus on IT Strategic Plan objectives when they focus on their IT Strategic Plans. I recently looked at my own and saw far too much clutter. The easiest way to make progress in your own IT Strategic Plan is to add this house keeping task to your work or environment. Sometimes it is easier to clear this away before putting a focus on your business, and more often this is the case.

What’s next? Decide if you will focus on the long-term strategic planning or the short-term strategic planning. I strongly believe that one will become a much stronger executive if they can have this business focus. Long term strategic planning is typically 3-5 years out, and recently when I gave a keynote speech to a group of nearly three hundred business owners, my focus was on the BHAG or big hairy audacious goal.  I wanted to give my audience something to hang onto, such as Jim Collins hedgehog concept.  They wanted a leadership speaker and specifically goal setting was their wish.

With these entrepreneurs, I focused on at least a ten year horizon. Both in long term strategic plans as well as short term plans, breaking up the action plan into “chunks” or “tasks” and an action plan is best.  I did this by giving them list building activities that were quite simplified, and not too much to swallow.

The strategic plan focus on WHAT will be done, and the action plan will be comprised of a break down on the what, as well as a who, when and maybe even the where. When a leader creates their big vision, and follows in a good strategic planning process, the how can always and should come later.

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