Winnipeg Enterprise Architect Talks Webinars

Winnipeg Enterprise Architect Talks Webinars

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the golf tournament… Well – actually while enjoying a beautiful sunny day with two of my favorite clients at the Women’s Business Owners of Manitoba golf tournament is more precise.

Some time ago I gave Martin Cash of the Winnipeg Free Press an interview at the Technology in the 21st Century Seminar day. For some reason, I can’t help but think he might have passed my name on to Sandy Klowak. I like Martin and read each piece he writes in the business section of the local paper.

Sandy called between the 2nd and 3rd hole and left a message wanting to know if I had any knowledge on webinars or teleseminars. I have been entrenched in the subject for several years so I thought “what the heck”, asked permission of my riding partner and called her back.

The Education World

She was interested in whether or not I thought webinars were a trend and how they changed the office environment. Given that I probably listen to no less than 5 webinars and teleseminars a week, plus have turned much of my training in that direction, I thought I should tell her how the education world is being revolutionized by this technology. Many companies have slashed or eliminated their training budgets. The big Seminar business has been annihilated. Most have been replaced or supplemented with this technology.

If you’d like the see the entire article, it is here.

I’m happy now that I have blogs that I might to comment on the “not in Winnipeg” comment that was in this article a little further. I am sure there are many people that live in Winnipeg attend webinars and teleseminars. I am just not convinced that there are many others like me that are using it as a main vehicle in delivering educational services or as a marketing tool.

Main keynote speaker Nelly Yusupova and I sat down to dinner on the eve of the Tech in the 21st Century event. “Why do you think business women in technology are behind here in Winnipeg?” she asked. I told her it was exposure. Unless you have had experience in the Corporate world and had the need to add webinar technology to your business, it might be a foreign subject.

Small business owners have their heads down, trying to turn a profit. They might not know how this technology could catapult their marketing.

What webinars can do for you?

  • Broadcast and share your expertise with your clients
  • Save the broadcast for replay on your website  — more content
  • Communicate with your suppliers, vendors and global resources to help you do business better together.

You don’t have to be a trainer, nor a techie to take advantage. What if you wanted to let your favorite suppliers about the benefits that you wish your products had more of, or needed improvement on?

Do you think they’d be happy to listen or see your replay when it comes time to considering how to better serve you?

What about the instance where you want your clients to know more about HOW you do business so they can better get to know and trust you? Would putting on a webinar or teleseminar give you that opportunity? Absolutely!

The web can be your voice and there are so many ways to explore and utilize that voice using technology. If you want more information on this subject or our services in this area, be sure to drop us a note or call us at 204-488-2819.

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