Head Start for your 2013 Business Strategic Plan

Head Start for your 2013 Business Strategic Plan

Season’s Greetings…

I’ve been remiss in adding regular posts on this my flagship site, and I hope today I can make up for lost ground.

Have you already started making your 2013 wish list for your company?  A business strategic plan that you can start to get excited about?

You’ll need to dig out the strategic markers you tracked in 2012, and if you didn’t do that, you’ll want to determine which key numbers you’ll watch in 2013.  Is it the number of hours you spent prospecting?  The number of posts and tweets you made?  The increase in “friends” or “connections on linked in?”

Head Start For Your 2013 Business Strategic Plan

Likely none of these were on your list.  Pull out your goals that you wrote down (assuming you were one of the low number of people who did this), and see how close you are.  In listening to the 2013 Success audio CD I get with my monthly subscription, Brian Tracy suggested that you get a brand new notebook and write out 10 goals daily.  Just simply make a list of the 10 goals you wish to reach next year.  Writing them over and over again will embed them in your subconscious and keep them top of mind.

Before you start your strategic planning in your business – review what you meant to do, actually accomplished, lessons learned and gather your data points.  Spend some time creating your vision for 2013 – really hone in on your key wants, and then before nailing down your strategic plan with the hows and who’s, make your list of goals and brain storm (I like Mind Maps) on the 5 people who can best help you do this – partners, staff, coaches, consultants, trainers, 5 resources you need to gather, and the FIRST 5 steps you would need to take.

It’s amazing how by setting out your first steps before you sit down on January 2nd, how different you will feel on December 18th of 2013 than you would if you don’t do this. Best regards for a safe holiday and a prosperous 2013!

Sharon C Evans

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