Strategic Planning For Success

Strategic Planning For Success

Strategic Planning is the process that most companies, entrepreneurs and career professionals use to plot their route to success. There are many common processes to do this, but in a nut shell, it all boils down to a few common steps:

1) Assess the past (current state)
2) Rank the outcome and focus on the opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses (S.W.O.T.)
3) Assess the data
4) Chart the course (future state)
5) Create an action plan
6) Create measurable checkpoints
7) Start, and regularly measure, assess and adjust.

Strategic Planning For Success

Sound too easy? Often companies are overwhelmed or are too close to their own situations to objectively perform such activities and so they hire a management consultant with strengths in strategic planning. Inside an IT organization, this may occur in annual IT Strategic Planning exercises, or be drawn out as action steps in alignment with the Corporate Strategy.

Small businesses may gather a few of their key staff and gather in a remote area to focus on what needs to be done. Solopreneurs may dedicate a day to assessing their past year and plot for their future, or revisit their original business plan and adjust.

Whatever you are doing this fall in your Q4 planning, I hope that you can take a step back, be objective and assess from a 10,000 foot view before you get down to the details.

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